Fashion Cover featuring Zayn’s Pillow Talk

My handful of followers on Instagram (click here to follow @FASHCHAM) know that I’m currently freezing my behind off on a working holiday in Europe. So far I’ve visited Amsterdam (for the first time in seven years) and Prague, the millennial tourist’s new Paris. In between the outfit and product shoots for my collaborations and … Continue Reading

Bespoke goes high-tech at The Custom Shop

The fashion and luxury industries have always valued old-world techniques and heritage to an almost irrational extent. The claim, brands assert, is that these are the factors that guarantee a higher level of quality and differentiate them from mass market companies that can turn around new products and entire collections in no time. While these … Continue Reading

Why we love water… and boat shoes

Start talking about going on holiday and a trip to the beach on a remote island comes to mind. There’s something about being near water that’s equivalent to watching cat videos on YouTube – it lets you forget about your worries and just enjoy the moment. It’s got therapeutic properties that not even those of … Continue Reading

Jaguar lets out its wild side with the F-Type

There are only two kinds of people in the world. Those who think of Jaguar as an old man’s car, and those who respect the British marque’s racing pedigree. Sure, the brand did come up with cars like the remarkably geriatric S-Type, but it’s the same automaker who gave petrol heads such as myself great … Continue Reading