The Berlin Express

Okay, so this wasn’t shot in Berlin, but instead at the Campo de las Naciones station in Madrid. However, let me tell you a story about trains and how they’re generally not the best mode of transport for people who have virtually no sense of direction. And tourists. “Let’s take the train! We have a … Continue Reading

It’s a steal

Ever have one of those days when you go shopping and run into something so cheap and so pretty that you think to yourself, “This is a steal. I gotta have this.”? You must have. And it certainly doesn’t make it any easier to decide against the purchase when you’re told that it’s the last piece. … Continue Reading

Making the switch

I’ve been part of the local fashion industry for quite some time. As founder and editor in chief of La Moda, Dubai’s authoritative online resource for fashion and beauty, I have plenty of experience in the field, and I’ve seen many people in this exclusive style circle come, claw their way in, fail miserably, and eventually … Continue Reading