Swatch invites you to #POPITUP

POP Swatch, the timepiece collection known among the watch novice and connoisseur alike, is making a big splash this month as it stages a much awaited comeback after over two decades with a brand new range of eye-popping designs. Known for its versatility, the POP Swatch is able to transform into a pocket watch, a desk … Continue Reading

The McLaren 570S Jebel Jais drive

Over the long weekend, I was invited to join a drive up Jebel Jais with a group of local and regional media to test one of McLaren’s latest models, the 570S. It was the perfect setting for what I would consider to be the most thrilling car I would have driven so far, as the Al Hajar … Continue Reading

Going Industrial in Armani Exchange

For my second look for this season’s collaboration with Armani Exchange, I’ve gone with my signature colour (that’s blue for those of you who are just tuning in) overlaid with a clean, industrial vibe. I keep talking about the heat like it’s finally going to succeed in killing me this year, but that’s really just an excuse … Continue Reading

5 tips to freshen up your style this Summer

Notice the heat whenever you drive out for lunch these days? It’s not the meat sweats! Summer is upon us and the only way to tackle it is to dress like you thrive in it. It’s okay to mind the mid-40s temperature, but you should never be caught dead looking like it. Here are a few … Continue Reading

FashCham x Armani Exchange: How to dress for Dubai’s Summer

Summer is the one season in Dubai and the rest of the Arabian Gulf when dressing up for pretty much any occasion becomes a task more complicated than maintaining the CERN super collider. How many layers is decent enough for us to go to work or trawl the mall in? Surely, if we could get away … Continue Reading

5 tips to staying fit while traveling

We all encounter this dilemma every couple months or so. You’re way into your daily fitness routine and suddenly, you find yourself packing for a week-long trip to Europe where the most calorie burning activity you’re going to engage in is walking for hours on end as a tourist. You forget the workouts that you … Continue Reading

Raise the color temperature

Remember Summer 2011? When the prevailing trend was color blocking and when I say color, I mean COLOR? Well, I thought we had all gotten over that, but Amsterdam’s fact-of-life gloom made me reconsider my position. When all you can see is hazy skies wherever you look, you’re kind of inclined to experiment more with your … Continue Reading

Where to stay in Amsterdam: The art’otel

If you’re planning a trip to see Keukenhof’s lush tulip gardens, cycle around town like a local or admire the picturesque canal network of the Dutch capital, there’s really no better and more convenient accommodation you can find than the art’otel Amsterdam. Situated in the dead center of the city, right in front of Amsterdam Centraal, the hotel … Continue Reading

8 reasons you probably shouldn’t be a fashion blogger

Fashion blogging has been Dubai’s “it” new hobby for years now, and it’s still showing no signs of stopping. Back in 2010 when S and I founded La Moda, we could literally count the number of bloggers in the UAE with our fingers. Then Instagram happened, and suddenly about half of the 18-35 female demographic started doing … Continue Reading