10 tips for a better Instagram feed

With the fresh launch of Instagram Stories, the popular visual sharing app cannot be more relevant than it is right now. The new feature, just on its first day, is already predicted to eat away at Snapchat’s market of oversharing millennials, and has pretty much secured the future of Instagram for the next couple years, … Continue Reading

Perfect timing: Introducing Paul Smith’s timepiece collection

What do you like most about Paul Smith’s design language? There’s a lot to like about one of the most renowned fashion labels in the world, but if I had to narrow it down to the most noteworthy, I’d say it’s the intelligent, modern interpretation of menswear classics that always looks current and contemporary. It’s the … Continue Reading

5 workout tips for great arms

You’ve probably already seen this major announcement on Instagram, but in case you haven’t: I recently signed with Gold’s Gym UAE as one of the global fitness company’s brand ambassadors in the region! It’s a great honor to be chosen among the many, many fitness nuts in the country and I’m beyond excited to be working … Continue Reading

Good to know: 7 interesting facts about boxers

Here at Fashion Chameleon, I try to make a good conversation out of the most mundane stuff. I’ve talked about zippers, biker jackets and chevrons, and now, with a new collaboration with Blow Ties London, I’m thinking boxers. You probably haven’t thought about it much, and why would you when there are so many other … Continue Reading

The history of the NATO watch strap

Ever since Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington hit the mainstream some two years ago with its massive social media success (Hello, 2.2 million Instagram followers!), NATO straps have without a doubt been propelled back to ubiquity. A bracelet option that was previously known among only the most avid followers of the horology world, the NATO strap … Continue Reading

The pros and cons of wearing primary colors

There comes a point when you stop wearing primary colors – the formal term, I believe, is growing up. From your typical reds, blues and yellows, you move on to more adult, more complicated and more mysterious shades to communicate how much of a deep, intellectual person you are. You happily glide through life, not … Continue Reading

Hands on with the flagship HTC 10 smartphone

HTC used to be one of my favorite mobile phone brands, at least before the market transformed into a duopoly between Apple and Samsung. The Taiwenese smartphone maker would always come out with beautifully-built, novel devices that appealed to those who wanted something different. I remember using the HTC Dash (S620 in GCC verbiage), a Windows … Continue Reading

How to wear the blazer and shorts combo

A blazer and a pair of shorts? It’s no longer unthinkable. The look has been nagging in the back of menswear enthusiasts’ heads since some genius stylist decided it was a cool look for a magazine editorial in the late 2000s. It’s one of the most polarizing styling ideas in recent menswear history and has fueled … Continue Reading

5 benefits of outdoor exercise

We’ve all had that feeling at one time or another. The sense of being tired of doing the same workouts within the same four walls of the gym. You’re not physically exhausted, but you mentally burn out just imagining going to the same place for yet another weight lifting session. This feeling leads you to develop a … Continue Reading