The pros and cons of wearing primary colors

There comes a point when you stop wearing primary colors – the formal term, I believe, is growing up. From your typical reds, blues and yellows, you move on to more adult, more complicated and more mysterious shades to communicate how much of a deep, intellectual person you are. You happily glide through life, not … Continue Reading

Hands on with the flagship HTC 10 smartphone

HTC used to be one of my favorite mobile phone brands, at least before the market transformed into a duopoly between Apple and Samsung. The Taiwenese smartphone maker would always come out with beautifully-built, novel devices that appealed to those who wanted something different. I remember using the HTC Dash (S620 in GCC verbiage), a Windows … Continue Reading

How to wear the blazer and shorts combo

A blazer and a pair of shorts? It’s no longer unthinkable. The look has been nagging in the back of menswear enthusiasts’ heads since some genius stylist decided it was a cool look for a magazine editorial in the late 2000s. It’s one of the most polarizing styling ideas in recent menswear history and has fueled … Continue Reading

5 benefits of outdoor exercise

We’ve all had that feeling at one time or another. The sense of being tired of doing the same workouts within the same four walls of the gym. You’re not physically exhausted, but you mentally burn out just imagining going to the same place for yet another weight lifting session. This feeling leads you to develop a … Continue Reading

How to wear the short-sleeved shirt

Let’s talk about the short-sleeved shirt. Considered to be one of the most reviled items in menswear, the uninitiated are blindly advised to stay away from it if they are to maintain a stylish wardrobe. It conjures up mental images of NASA scientists and grocery store supervisors who have taken a liking to finished it up with … Continue Reading

Esquire Best Dressed Party with ICONIC

Esquire Middle East recently had their Best Dressed 2016 party and I was one of the 200 million guests who came to the Billionaire Mansion at Taj Dubai. I wasn’t lucky enough to be chosen for the issue this year – let’s face it, I don’t really dress in the title’s preferred dapper dandy aesthetic – but … Continue Reading

Hands-on with Merlin Digital’s DuOS Tablet PC

I’m an old-fashioned guy when it comes to computing. I prefer working on a desktop, or at least laptop, when I write my posts, edit photos, manage my calendar, and everything in between. I prefer to have my peripherals attached to the PC – mouse and keyboard (yes, I type without looking) – so I’ve … Continue Reading

Guide to men’s swimwear: How to choose the right one for your body type

It’s Summertime again and every Tom, Dick and Harry is hitting the beach on the weekends. You’ve done your work in the gym, now how do you show off your beach body in the best possible way? Picking the most flattering swimwear for your body type is key, so read up on the following tips … Continue Reading

Summer 2016 highlight: Suede jacket

Step out into the sun with a little 70s vibe in one of Summer 2016’s must-wear item: the suede jacket. This season though, we’re doing away with the trademark fringe that typically goes with this material, thank God. The focus lies on creating a clean retro silhouette that’s not too tight, not too loose, something that will … Continue Reading