Dubai to Georgia: Tbilisi’s most photogenic tourist traps

I know I had already announced that I was going on a two-week trip to Schengenland on my social media platforms, but sometimes things do not happen as you we want them to. Just 12 hours prior to my flight to Prague, I found out that my photographer was denied a visa (damn Third World … Continue Reading

How to capture the Dubai skyline

We don’t appreciate it as much as we ought to, but Dubai’s skyline is one of the most interesting visages in the history of human civilization, and I’m not exaggerating. The novelty of it all does wear off the longer you live in the city, so it’s always a good idea take a step back … Continue Reading

Fundamentals of chest training

Ah, pecs. If there’s one muscle group that makes everyone stick to their workout plans, it should be the pectorals. I know I started my fitness journey for mostly aesthetic reasons, and that was to have a chiseled chest – not abs or arms or traps or whatever – to show off on the beach. … Continue Reading

Last Exit Dubai: 5 things you should know

Foodies, photographers and bloggers are going crazy about the newest hotspot in town that caters to all three separate species of UAE residents – Last Exit Dubai. It’s colorful, it’s fun, it’s 50s American retro, and it’s all about food and photo ops. Situated just by the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the food truck … Continue Reading

10 tips for a better Instagram feed

With the fresh launch of Instagram Stories, the popular visual sharing app cannot be more relevant than it is right now. The new feature, just on its first day, is already predicted to eat away at Snapchat’s market of oversharing millennials, and has pretty much secured the future of Instagram for the next couple years, … Continue Reading

Perfect timing: Introducing Paul Smith’s timepiece collection

What do you like most about Paul Smith’s design language? There’s a lot to like about one of the most renowned fashion labels in the world, but if I had to narrow it down to the most noteworthy, I’d say it’s the intelligent, modern interpretation of menswear classics that always looks current and contemporary. It’s the … Continue Reading

5 workout tips for great arms

You’ve probably already seen this major announcement on Instagram, but in case you haven’t: I recently signed with Gold’s Gym UAE as one of the global fitness company’s brand ambassadors in the region! It’s a great honor to be chosen among the many, many fitness nuts in the country and I’m beyond excited to be working … Continue Reading

Good to know: 7 interesting facts about boxers

Here at Fashion Chameleon, I try to make a good conversation out of the most mundane stuff. I’ve talked about zippers, biker jackets and chevrons, and now, with a new collaboration with Blow Ties London, I’m thinking boxers. You probably haven’t thought about it much, and why would you when there are so many other … Continue Reading

The history of the NATO watch strap

Ever since Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington hit the mainstream some two years ago with its massive social media success (Hello, 2.2 million Instagram followers!), NATO straps have without a doubt been propelled back to ubiquity. A bracelet option that was previously known among only the most avid followers of the horology world, the NATO strap … Continue Reading