Summer style highlight: Wooden sunglasses

Nothing says Summer better than wooden sunnies. Imagine walking on the beach with your feet in the water or just chilling on a sunbed – wearing a pair of organic glares just really completes your water-bound look. It’s kind of like part of the entire proper swim attire. In the same way that you’re not … Continue Reading

Watch of the Week: Ebel Wave Gent

Ebel may not be playing with the big boys – the Pateks and the Vacherons of the horological world – but it sure has created a design language strong enough to differentiate itself from the super brands of the industry and garner a cult following among the more sensible subset of luxury timepiece collectors.

The new ironic animal print

Hear the phrase “animal print” and you’ll immediately think of a spotted feline hide of some sort, perhaps a cheetah or a leopard. The earliest recollection I have of the look, and of myself having a strong distaste for it, dates back to when I would watch The Nanny as a child, when my own … Continue Reading

Jaguar lets out its wild side with the F-Type

There are only two kinds of people in the world. Those who think of Jaguar as an old man’s car, and those who respect the British marque’s racing pedigree. Sure, the brand did come up with cars like the remarkably geriatric S-Type, but it’s the same automaker who gave petrol heads such as myself great … Continue Reading

City Lights

What do you do when you’re stressed? Take the next flight to the Maldives and go on a beach holiday? Drink your face off at a nearby pub? While those are very valid options, this is what I do: Find a quiet place on a nice evening and just enjoy staring at the city lights … Continue Reading

How to collect vintage luxury watches

The true mark of a self-respecting man lies not in a designer wardrobe which goes in and out of style, but in his taste for fine timepieces. But the problem for most men when adopting this philosophy is this – luxury watches are cost-prohibitive, at least the new ones. Not everyone can and want to … Continue Reading

No-sweat style

Ever have one of those days when you want to dress up but don’t really want to make an effort – and yet still maintain some level of sartorial decency? Me too. Everyday. It’s a bit of a bind really, because great style requires great effort, and sometimes you just don’t want to make any … Continue Reading

I say no to #dapper

Based on the kind of outfits I’ve composed for this blog and the Editor’s Style section of La Moda, you’d have probably gleaned the fact the I am not a fan of this whole dapper trend. Yes, it is a trend, and like the exaggerated shoulders of Fall 2011 and the visual impairment-inducing sh*t of Summer 2012, … Continue Reading