Why do people hate paisley?

For something that traces its roots back more than half a millennium, paisley doesn’t get enough love. Featuring a droplet-shaped vegetable motif, paisley may have an English name (from the Scottish town that recreated the designs in the Western hemisphere) but its origins are Persian and Indian. There’s no mistaking this is an Oriental creation despite the … Continue Reading

Fashion Parody: The good, the bad and the sad

In the last couple of years, a number of “fashion” companies have sprouted into existence and created a new category of clothing that has attracted celebs and hipsters alike. Let’s call them fashion parodists. Specializing in basic streetwear, they turned heads when they came out with funny derivatives and mockeries of iconic logos printed on tees, tanks, jumpers and hoodies.

How to wear print trousers

In all of men’s fashion, trousers seem to be among the trickiest to get right. They might appear like everyday items that don’t need much attention, but the truth is, getting the proper fit, color, length, et cetera to work with the rest of your outfit can be daunting. I can say I don’t own enough pants in … Continue Reading

Recycle Your Blues with Gap

Love Denim? Then you’re going to love GAP’s latest Recycle Your Blues campaign. In celebration of the brand’s American denim heritage, GAP is inviting everyone to come to the stores and donate their old jeans in exchange for AED 100 off on any pair from their 1969 collection.

Big City Preppy

I’ve always found preppy style interesting. As a manner of dress, it is impervious to seasonal trends, cuts, and colors, which means there is very little need to update one’s wardrobe every three months. It holds its own, and has continued to do so decade after decade.

The Parisian Style Cheat

We all have this mental image of a typical Parisian on the street. They have effortless style. they look like they just threw on random pieces of clothing and the outfit works automagically. And it does 100% of the time. It’s not about some specific fashion formula, as many other ponderers before me have found out, but merely … Continue Reading

How to Wear a Silk Scarf

Silk scarves do not typically feature on the subject of menswear, but that’s not to say you can’t wear them entirely. I recently came across Annada, a Bahrain-based startup that creates scarves based on beautiful works of local artists, and I was thoroughly impressed with the way they are encouraging art appreciation through fashion with … Continue Reading

The Made2Measure jacket

Is tailoring a dying business? Most people would like to think so, due to the prevalence of high street alternatives ranging from the horrendously trendy to the I-can’t-believe-it’s-only-AED1,000 classy. If you happen to have an average body that doesn’t complain when stuck in a typical blazer pattern, then by all means enjoy the bargain-basement prices at … Continue Reading

Why we love water… and boat shoes

Start talking about going on holiday and a trip to the beach on a remote island comes to mind. There’s something about being near water that’s equivalent to watching cat videos on YouTube – it lets you forget about your worries and just enjoy the moment. It’s got therapeutic properties that not even those of … Continue Reading