Animal icons in fashion and the case of Kenzo’s tiger

Some of the most recognizable brands in the world are headlined by an animal of some kind. I’m not talking about just fashion, but other industries as well. There’s Lamborghini’s raging bull, Mozilla’s cutesy red panda, and who could forget Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s mad lion? Companies all over the world have used animals as brand symbols in order to build … Continue Reading

Biker versus moto: Which is which?

There are two types of the riding jacket that has permeated the world of fashion. The much-revered biker jacket, which first landed on the backs of stylish lads and lasses about nine decades ago when Irving Schott designed the Perfecto, named after his favorite cigar, in 1928, is the more established motoring-inspired garb of the two.

Zip it: History of the modern zipper

Since I’m wearing a fairly simple sweater with just that one diagonal zip detail that makes it worthy of an outfit post, I figured, hey, why don’t I do some light reading about the history of the zipper? It’s always there, we see it everyday, but we pay no mind to it except maybe when it gives us … Continue Reading

Turtleneck comeback

Turtlenecks, also known as roll-necks or polo necks, are staging a comeback this Winter! The trend has made its way onto the racks of ZARA and ASOS, among many other fast fashion brands, and that’s how you know it’s officially risen from the underworld of fashion.

How to wear boots

With the arrival of the Fall and Winter seasons comes a range of new pieces to add to your shoe collection. While most of men’s shoes remain the same all throughout the year, with only colors and materials being changed, there are some styles that you can pretty much only wear right now. One of … Continue Reading

VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo x Sacoor Brothers Interview

International football star and Sacoor Brothers global brand ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo recently did a video interview to talk about receiving the Golden Boot award for the Fourth time in a row, fashion, and life in general. Watch it below!

Subtle Safari

If you’ve had a look at the colors that retailers are churning this Autumn, you’ll recognize just a couple standouts – deep maroon and safari green. Let’s focus on the latter. While the hue reminds you of designer safari suits popularized by Saint Laurent and Ted Lapidus in the 70s, in the back of your … Continue Reading

Why do people hate paisley?

For something that traces its roots back more than half a millennium, paisley doesn’t get enough love. Featuring a droplet-shaped vegetable motif, paisley may have an English name (from the Scottish town that recreated the designs in the Western hemisphere) but its origins are Persian and Indian. There’s no mistaking this is an Oriental creation despite the … Continue Reading

Fashion Parody: The good, the bad and the sad

In the last couple of years, a number of “fashion” companies have sprouted into existence and created a new category of clothing that has attracted celebs and hipsters alike. Let’s call them fashion parodists. Specializing in basic streetwear, they turned heads when they came out with funny derivatives and mockeries of iconic logos printed on tees, tanks, jumpers and hoodies.