Summer 2016 highlight: Suede jacket

Step out into the sun with a little 70s vibe in one of Summer 2016’s must-wear item: the suede jacket. This season though, we’re doing away with the trademark fringe that typically goes with this material, thank God. The focus lies on creating a clean retro silhouette that’s not too tight, not too loose, something that will … Continue Reading

Going Industrial in Armani Exchange

For my second look for this season’s collaboration with Armani Exchange, I’ve gone with my signature colour (that’s blue for those of you who are just tuning in) overlaid with a clean, industrial vibe. I keep talking about the heat like it’s finally going to succeed in killing me this year, but that’s really just an excuse … Continue Reading

5 tips to freshen up your style this Summer

Notice the heat whenever you drive out for lunch these days? It’s not the meat sweats! Summer is upon us and the only way to tackle it is to dress like you thrive in it. It’s okay to mind the mid-40s temperature, but you should never be caught dead looking like it. Here are a few … Continue Reading

FashCham x Armani Exchange: How to dress for Dubai’s Summer

Summer is the one season in Dubai and the rest of the Arabian Gulf when dressing up for pretty much any occasion becomes a task more complicated than maintaining the CERN super collider. How many layers is decent enough for us to go to work or trawl the mall in? Surely, if we could get away … Continue Reading

Raise the color temperature

Remember Summer 2011? When the prevailing trend was color blocking and when I say color, I mean COLOR? Well, I thought we had all gotten over that, but Amsterdam’s fact-of-life gloom made me reconsider my position. When all you can see is hazy skies wherever you look, you’re kind of inclined to experiment more with your … Continue Reading

8 reasons you probably shouldn’t be a fashion blogger

Fashion blogging has been Dubai’s “it” new hobby for years now, and it’s still showing no signs of stopping. Back in 2010 when S and I founded La Moda, we could literally count the number of bloggers in the UAE with our fingers. Then Instagram happened, and suddenly about half of the 18-35 female demographic started doing … Continue Reading

Austin Reed’s street casuals

When you’re traveling, you want to cover as much ground as possible in the little time you have away from your everyday life, so planning your holiday wardrobe is as much an intellectual exercise as any other. For my recent trip to Holland, I’ve teamed up with English tailoring company Austin Reed to showcase their casual collection … Continue Reading

Fashion Cover featuring Zayn’s Pillow Talk

My handful of followers on Instagram (click here to follow @FASHCHAM) know that I’m currently freezing my behind off on a working holiday in Europe. So far I’ve visited Amsterdam (for the first time in seven years) and Prague, the millennial tourist’s new Paris. In between the outfit and product shoots for my collaborations and … Continue Reading

Bespoke goes high-tech at The Custom Shop

The fashion and luxury industries have always valued old-world techniques and heritage to an almost irrational extent. The claim, brands assert, is that these are the factors that guarantee a higher level of quality and differentiate them from mass market companies that can turn around new products and entire collections in no time. While these … Continue Reading