Is tailoring a dying business? Most people would like to think so, due to the prevalence of high street alternatives ranging from the horrendously trendy to the I-can’t-believe-it’s-only-AED1,000 classy. If you happen to have an average body that doesn’t complain when stuck in a typical blazer pattern, then by all means enjoy the bargain-basement prices at H&M – it’s almost a no-brainer.

But there is still a significant market, it appears, for made-to-measure suits, or these tailors would have closed down a long time ago. One concern that men have over off-the-rack styles is fit. As a guy who goes to the gym more times a week than not, I have a really hard time finding a jacket that fits me everywhere just right. It doesn’t matter if it’s Zara or Zegna, I have a frame that slides into a US 36 with arms that barely shimmy into a US 40. There’s also my V-shaped upper body that doesn’t quite work with any of those ready-to-wear suits.

Another is issue is customization. Pret-a-porter means you’re at the mercy of designers and you can only buy what they sell to you. With a tailor, however, you can go crazy (although I hope you don’t) with fabric selection, lapel type, lining, pockets, et cetera. This is as couture as menswear could get, so why would anyone want to pass this over a fast fashion combo?

I worked with Made2Measure, a Dubai-based bespoke tailoring specialist with stores in Jumeirah and Business Bay, to create the perfect casual Summer jacket. The process started with them taking all my measurements and me telling them 250,000 times to pay close attention to the arms (because gunzzz). We then proceeded to choosing the fabric type and color, lining, monogramming and all other personalization options that come with a jacket.

Wearing: Made2Measure jacket, Annada pocket square, Peacocks London tank, ICONIC trousers, K-Swiss sneakers, Finlay & Co. sunglasses, Tag Heuer watch

This was then followed by two more fittings, a few weeks apart, to ensure that everything was to spec. I got my jacket about six weeks later, but I’m sure it would have been faster if it hadn’t been for the Ramadan and Eid holidays. I’m not complaining – getting a made-to-measure anything will always take more time and effort than just going to the mall and picking up a generic garment, so concerns about not having your suit then and there should fly out the window the moment you consider going bespoke.

The casual cotton jacket starts from about AED 2,000, with a full suit going up to around AED 2,400. It’s always the jacket that’s the hardest and costliest to make, but it’s definitely worth the effort and the money. To get your own bespoke suit, contact Made2Measure at +971 4 3942244 (Jumeirah 3) or +971 4 5516683 (Business Bay).

Disclosure: The author received product and/or monetary compensation to support this story.

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